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Kat Green


Speak English With NEEPO is unique. We zero in on getting non-English speakers up and running SPEAKING English correctly with automatic fluency of speech by making English readable with NEEPO (New English Phonetic Orthography, which makes English 100% pure, regular, and readable almost instantly.) Mark Federman, Ph.D. states, "Phonetic Literacy is one of the most profound inventions, technologies of human kind." This digital, e-learning course is for Non-English to very limited English speakers.... It takes them to a low-intermediate level English Speaking ability or possibly higher (depending on student diligence and ancillary supplements added) with good grammar and produces little to no accent, a fringe benefit of learning to speak English with NEEPO. It is a built-in grammar, English Immersion system that utilizes the power of New Phonetics. With NEEPO, students accomplish in 1-6 months of instruction what takes up to 7 years to accomplish under traditional methods of instruction.   Show More