We are a not-for-profit charitable organization founded in 2021 that supports disadvantaged youth by providing programs in education through the use of our online platform.

We have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and it's our vision to see a world where young people from any background, circumstance, or location are given the same opportunities in education and entrepreneurship through technology to become self-sustaining to have a brighter future.

Business Development Manager 

Sophie Rudd

In 2022 I became a director which allowed me to immerse myself in the projects we are creating through our classrooms.

We envision connecting young people across the globe giving them the same opportunities, by breaking down the barriers that allow them to thrive in their own environments. I am passionate and driven to create awareness about the cloud school movement to make an impact in the world.

Why Cloud School Is So Important


Cloud School is able to reach individuals in communities across the globe who are capable to make significant changes in their life's to better their futures. Through our support and guidance, this is able to be achieved.


Providing opportunities to young people in disadvantaged areas in educational programs that may lead to higher education will be able to increase their chances to break down the barriers of repeating the cycle over generations.


Cloud School aims to improve the livelihood of communities through infrastructure, resources for education including laptops, and supporting individuals with their business goals.

It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education.

Nelson Mandela

Where are our students?






2017  Built a school in Cambodia

2018  We have grown to 60 students in our Cambodia School

2020 Reached 250 students at the Cambodia School

2022 We became a registered not-for-profit charity organization

Started coding classes in the Illawarra, NSW Australia

Started online coding classes at a boarding house in India

2023 We are continually growing our classrooms locally, nationally, and internationally