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Amanda Vidler
Tregear Public School
Sydney Australia

I just wanted to say that I am amazed and have absolutely loved using Cloudschool!

It has made planning so much more easier and time efficient. I have actually enjoyed programming if you can believe it!

Thanks again for making the life of a teacher that little bit easier.

Teaching and Learning Made Simple

Teachers create courses and students study courses - that's it!

For Educators

Simpler Lesson Creation and Lesson Delivery

Create Courses
  • Easy Lesson Builder
  • Add Files & Multimedia
  • Post Assignments
  • Create Discussions
Manage Students
  • Invite Students
  • Manage Enrolments
  • Track Course Progress
  • Grade Submissions
Teach Better
  • Increase Engagement
  • Be More Organised
  • Do Less Paperwork
  • Review, Improve, Re-Use
Next-Gen LMS
  • Educator Centered Design
  • Hybrid Planning / Publishing
  • Audit-Quality Documentation
  • Perfect Simply For Planning

For Students

Simpler Access to Engaging Content

Modern & Relevant
  • Mobile First Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Not Too Fancy
  • Free Forever
Social Learning
  • Interact With Teachers
  • Chats and Discussions
  • Notifications of Activity
  • Simple Completion Tracking
Learn Better
  • Access Lessons Anywhere
  • Complete Homework Easily
  • Connect With Teachers
  • Get Grades & Feedback
Engage Parents
  • Post Homework and Tasks
  • Keep Up to Date
  • View Progress and Grades
  • Free Access Anytime

For Institutions

Simpler Auditing and Compliance

Powerful Control
  • Create and Manage Users
  • See What's Being Taught
  • View Student Progress
  • Custom Web Address
Teachers Love It
  • Unburden Your Team
  • Improve Productivity
  • Achievable for All Staff
  • Groan Free Roll Out
Simpler Compliance
  • Install Local Standards
  • Audit-Ready Documentation
  • Create Courses For Staff
  • Connect With Teachers
Amazing Value
  • Powerful Cloud-Based LMS
  • Secure Hosting and Back-ups
  • Simple Staff Training
  • 24x7 Support

Product Range

We'll always be free for teachers and students,
but we've got premium plans for professionals


Become part of the world's LMS
Free Forever
  • Up to 5 Courses
  • Single Educator
  • Personal LMS Website
  • Cloudschool.org/username
  • Manage Students
  • Grading and Reporting
  • Email Support

Cloudschool Premium

Upgrade your free account
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Single Educator
  • Personal LMS Website
  • Cloudschool.org/username
  • Manage Students
  • Grading and Reporting
  • Email Support

Cloudschool Pro

A private, hosted LMS to suit you
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Single Educator
  • Premium LMS Website
  • www.yourwebsite.com
  • 1 to 500 Students
  • Grading and Reporting
  • 24×7 Support

Cloudschool Campus

A complete LMS for Institutions
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Up to 500 Educator
  • Campus LMS Website
  • www.yourwebsite.com
  • Up to 20K Students
  • Grading and Reporting
  • 24×7 Support

Institution Customers

Yayasan Secondary School
Darussalam, Brunei
Tregear Public School
Sydney, Australia
Kikaaya College School
Kampala, Uganda

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