About Us


A world where young people from any background, circumstance, or location are given the same opportunities in education and entrepreneurship through technology to become self-sustaining, allowing us to break down the cycle of poverty.


We endeavor to support young people in education through our online platform by creating communities of classrooms to guide and develop their learning in business and tech programs to maximize their potential to change their futures.

Educational Platform

Our educational platform provides programs to individuals and classrooms of small-large scale that create opportunities for our youth, to build future-ready skills. This empowers them for today’s digital world and allows them to become self-sustaining and have a sense of self and direction for their future.

Entrepreneurship & Business

Students will learn about problem-solving, critical thinking, pitching, and coming up with a solution. 

english lanaguage

English Language

In our Cambodian classrooms, we have been teaching English since 2019 through our platform to over 200 students. 


Intro to Coding

Our facilitators take our students from 10 years+ into the world of coding/gaming with aminations, interactive art, and games in the game lab.

Leadership Team

Carmen Rudd Photo

Carmen Rudd


In 2021 Carmen founded Cloud School - The Classroom in the Cloud with our fellow directors through seeing how we can help disadvantaged youth seek educational programs. Carmen is passionate about helping young people receive an education no matter their circumstances, location, or background.

Brendan Rudd

Brendan Rudd


Brendan has a background in Real Estate and now is in the banking industry. His role in Cloud School is a director and the Treasurer to report at board meetings on the financial status.

Sophie Rudd

Sophie Rudd

Director/Business Development Manager

Sophie has been a director since 2022 and is now the Business Development Manager since 2023 managing the operations, events, and fundraising for the charity. Sophie is very passionate about helping young people achieve what they didn't think was possible and allowing them to have a brighter future.

Robert Dodd

Robert Dodd


Robert is a software engineer and technical co-founder of multiple businesses. Robert is a director in Cloud School and oversees the educational platform managing security and other technical compliance areas in the charity.