Empowering Rural Women for Community Development


Project Initiative


To improve the economic and social status of rural women in Punjab, Pakistan by providing them with the sewing skills and resources needed to start and manage their own businesses.

Project Initiative


  • To teach young women how to sew
  • To make them aware of social rights including sexual and physical harassment
  • Career counseling
  • Teach them how to become self-supporting



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I live in Pakistan with my family, and I am the youngest of seven siblings. Since childhood, I have been passionate about my studies and I was granted a scholarship in high school and college. After completing my pre-medical studies in high school I took a break from my studies and did a discipleship training school (DTS) at YWAM in Nepal on a fully funded scholarship.

I have a strong desire to study, as minorities are only 2% in Pakistan and often we have to face discrimination over here, the only way to make a difference in society as a minority is by getting an education. As education can save us from being separate and unequal.


Education & Goals

I am attending Forman Christian College, a private not-for-profit liberal arts University in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was founded in 1864 and is administered by the Presbyterian Church. The university follows an American-Style curriculum.

I’m currently enrolled in a bachelor program, which is a 4 years (8 semesters) based program. I wish to major in Psychology.

My goal after getting my degree will be to go into the practical field of psychology where I can implement what I am learning. I am open to working as a counselor.

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"After my father's passing, it was difficult for my family to support me, I completed my early education on scholarships but higher education is expensive, and my family can’t afford that, but I was passionate to go for higher studies and that happened because of your support. Cloud School has made it possible for me to achieve my dreams, be enlightened, and be more productive for my community.

Thank you for sponsoring me."